Teaching & Courses

We aim to make the methods of our lab -- such as computer vision, light-sheet microscopy, and biophysical modeling -- broadly accessible to advance quantitative biology and open new avenues of investigation.

KITP Summer schools

In collaboration with the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, we organize regular summer schools bringing together PhD students and leading researcher to work on projects united by a common topic in quantitative biology.

The 2022's Santa Barbara Advanced Course in Quantitative Biology will cover the Neurophyiscs of Locomotion. Past schools included Form, Fate, & Function (2019), the companion course for Morphogenesis in Animals and Plants: Search for Principles.

iQB2 course 

We take part in the interdepartmental quantitative biology course (iQB2) in UCSB's BMSE department. This course aims to make quantitative methods available to incoming bio-engineering graduate students.